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AN ODE TO 2020

If 2020 showed us anything, it showed us just how fickle the world that we live in really is.

Every single aspect of our day-to-day lives has been interrogated, challenged and questioned, more than ever.

We have been up-rooted, and as such, sooooo much has been unearthed.

Sooooo much has been brought to Light + conscious awareness.

A great opportunity was bestowed upon us as a collective this past year.

An opportunity to redefine NORMAL.
An opportunity to redefine HAPPY.
An opportunity to redefine JUST.
An opportunity to redefine ABUNDANT.
An opportunity to redefine FREEDOM.
An opportunity to redefine SOLITUDE.
An opportunity to redefine RESILIENCE.
An opportunity to redefine ADAPTABILITY.
An opportunity to redefine COMMUNITY.
An opportunity to redefine CONNECTION.
An opportunity to redefine INTEGRITY.
An opportunity to redefine HUMILITY.
An opportunity to redefine PRESENCE.
An opportunity to restructure + recode our Human experience, and therefore Human condition (individually and collectively).
An opportunity to re-landscape the very foundation of our lives.

This year has assisted us all in taking inventory of the space we hold in our lives, for the things / peoples / places that simply are no longer in alignment or resonance.
This year has assisted us in reconnecting with what truly ignites us…, what makes us feel alive…, what makes us feel like we our serving our deepest purpose here on this Earth plane.
This year has assisted us in becoming critical thinkers.This year has assisted us in witnessing where we have been stretching ourselves out too thin.
This year has assisted us in s o f t e n i n g at our edges.
This year has assisted us in leaning into our own, internal WELL of stillness + peace, despite the external chaos.
This year has assisted us into the r e m e m b r a n c e that we are all our OWN GURU.  

That we are all equipped in our own & unique ways to adapt, and not only survive, but thrive in the midst of calamity.
What if…, just maybe…, we were all being re-planted this past year.
To flourish.
To bloom, unapologetically.

2020 was a luminous reflection that - sometimes growth can feel like breaking at first.
A brilliant version of us is emerging..., may 2021 be infused with the HIGHEST virtues.

‍In Honor of assisting you in infusing 2021 with the Highest virtues -  

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About Anamaya

In Sanskrit, ANAMAYA means troubleless and diseaseless

Anamaya is an intimate yoga studio that focuses on small class sizes and cultivating safe spaces for sacred healing work to be done.

Anamaya wishes to guide clients to live more intuition-driven, heart-centred, purposeful and fulfilling lives by incorporating different healing modalities in their self- development journey.

+Yoga & Movement
+Energy Therapy

Come relearn the truth of who you are ♡

Welcome Home, Sweet One.

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"Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned here. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of Love back into our hearts."
- Marianne Williamson
Community initiatives


Giving back to the community & being Heartcentred in our business approach is important to us, and integral to our brand.

Community Offerings

Sliding scale options for group classes + payment plans for 1:1 guidance, that help make wellness more accessible to at-risk/vulnerable communities.

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Labor of Love Initiative
Giving Support.

This is a community initiative created by Anamaya to ensure that more at-risk communities have wellness and wholesome community available to them - as these things are not LUXURIES in life, but rather a birthRIGHT. If you are feeling called to pay-it-forward for others to attend who don’t currently have it available to them. You can either send this gift to a specific person, or I will allocate it throughout our community initiatives.

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popular by demand

UNF*CKWITHABLE - 1:1 Coaching Program

-To My - U n f * c k w i t h a b l e - Soulmate Client,

It has taken me a considerable amount of time to put myself out there in this capacity.

I pushed down and denied the inner call and inner nudge to be of
u l t i m a t e service to you.

Just like you, someone told / taught me to stay small.

Just like you, I have to battle self-doubt and negative self-talk. 

Just like you, there are days where - I cut myself short…, I act on my perceived limitations / inadequacies…, I stay in my comfort zone.

Just like you, I fear failure.

Just like you, I fear my bigness.

Just like you, I fear claiming the juiciness of Life, of Love, of Money, of Pleasure, of Abundance, of Creativity / Creation, of Vision, and of Health.

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CLIENT feels

Clients Feels

"There are no words strong enough to articulate how gifted Anja is. The moment you are in her presence, you know your experience has begun. Anja creates room for and invites you into experience whatever it is your heart and soul are needing. Her studio is beautiful and spacious while remaining intimate and unquestionably enchanting. Anja's soul is beautiful, and truly encompasses what it means to be whole and divine. After practicing with Anja, I am reminded how genuine and sacred these "services" can be, when offered with such genuine care and energy. Thank you for sharing your gift with us, I look forward to seeing you weekly.”
Léa Peterson
Anamaya has been a total game changer for my fitness routine and overall health/wellbeing. I had been to yoga classes in the past, but often felt intimated by the atmosphere, as someone who is very athletic but also very tight/inflexible. I knew I should incorporate yoga but dismissed it as not me. Anja has completely changed my perspective! After only 2 classes my flexibility significantly improved and I left the class feeling exhilarated, positive, happy, optimistic, yet also relaxed and refreshed. Her classes leave you with a feeling that is indescribably euphoric. She takes special time to do hands on adjustments and the pace allows you to really get perfectly into each pose and get truly in touch with your soul and breath. Her use of reiki and essential oils just adds to the incredible ambiance and positive energy you feel immediately upon entering the beautiful space. The melt class is the perfect way to end a day by candlelight. While in the daytime you feel like you are outside among so many plants on the walls, the palm mats and beautiful murals. The perfectly selected music further compliments each session. Each class is like a vacation from life, yet also a wonderful, welcoming community of beautiful souls.
Lauren gibson
Anamaya is hands down the best yoga studio I have ever been to. If you are looking for a REAL yoga experience - with hands on adjustments, a truly safe and relaxing space and a teacher who GENUINELY cares about your comfort and progress... this is where you need to be. I had severe problems with my hips for the past couple years, and after going for only a week, it improved.Also, Anja's energy in general... amazing. Truly a gift. She could honestly teach anywhere and I would follow.
April young
A love letter to you


I'm so Grateful to be the vessel through which divine energy + wisdom flows.

I'm so Grateful to remind you of how absolutely capable you are, of riding through your pain & finding your salvation.

To witness human fragility + suffering in such raw form in this space, and the healing that happens when you give yourself permission to walk through the darkness, and into the Light •  has me on my knees.

I am Humbled to do this sacred work everyday.

I count my Blessings & thank my lucky stars, that I was Granted these Gifts • to share, with you all.

Thank you, from the bottom of my Heart • for receiving me & holding me in such Fierce Love.

Thank you for this opportunity.  

I love you.

Creatrix of Anamaya Wellness


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