Our Methodology

In Sanskrit, ANAMAYA means the diseaseless, and the troubleless.

Anamaya is an intimate yoga studio that focuses on small class sizes and cultivating safe spaces for sacred healing work to be done.

Anamaya wishes to guide clients to live more intuition-driven, heart-centred, purposeful and fulfilling lives by incorporating different healing modalities in their self-development journey.

+Yoga & Movement
+Energy Therapy

Come relearn the truth of who you are ♡


1224 King St W -- Unit 300, 3RD Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 1G4
Main Intersection: King St W and Dufferin St (Northwest corner)

Help With Locating The Studio

  • Across the street from McDonalds parking lot
  • Just a little West from the Northwest corner of King & Dufferin (where the Starbucks is)
  • Above Dr. Nguyen dentist office
  • First door to the right when you get to the 3RD floor

About Anja

The discipline rooted in the practice of yoga, has taught Anja how to master the art of her breath and therefore the art of her emotions. Her intention is to guide clients to live more intuition-driven, heart-centred, purposeful and fulfilling lives by incorporating different modalities of healing into their lives, such as yoga & movement, meditation and energy therapy/healing. Anja hopes to show every one of her clients  that they have been given and are blessed with all of the raw materials to HEAL themselves through sacred acts of self-Love, self-exploration and self-awareness.

+Yoga Guide
+Energy Therapist
+Wellness Advocate
Love>Fear ♡


  • +BAH in Sociology from Queen's University
  • +CNP from Institute of Holistic Nutrition
  • +200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification from Passion Yoga School in affiliation with the Yoga Alliance
  • +85 Hour Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training certification Passion Yoga School in affiliation with the Yoga Alliance
  • +Certified Reiki Master


As Anamaya continues to grow and expand, so does our team - so that we can best serve our people and maintain the integrity & quality of our work.

Energy Exchange Program
At Anamaya we understand that financially, yoga is not accessible to everyone due to the rising costs of classes in the city. Everyone deserves to have the tools to expand their knowledge and level of consciousness; to feel like they belong to a community; like they have a place to call home; like they have humans to call family; and like they are infinitely supported on their journeys. 
Anamaya is looking for down-to-earth, energetically-attuned, and heart-centred individuals who are enthusiastic about yoga, health and their wellbeing, as well as others. If you’re interested in a position working 3.5 hours a week helping with housekeeping, basic administrative work and up-keeping the overall atmosphere of the space, in exchange for free yoga we would love to chat with you!

Energy Exchange Program For Creatives
Anamaya is looking for: photographers, videographers, graphic designers, social media gurus, administrative assistants/anyone and everyone who believes they can elevate the overall vibration and experience of/at Anamaya Wellness. We stand in solidarity with our fellow creatives, who are listening to their Soul’s call, who are claiming their Gifts and going against the grain, to share their medicine with the world. We want you to feel supported on your creative journey’s, and want to co-create magic alongside you.
Both of these programs/offerings are a great way to be an active member of our yoga/wellness community and cultivate meaningful relationships within a conscious space, with likeminded and heart-centred individuals. 

For more information regarding our energy exchange program please email

We look forward to hearing from you & sharing our space with you!

*For now we are looking for 10 people


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