Yoga = UNION

Union with Self, union with breath, union with mind, union with Heart, union with Others.

Come Together.
In Unity We Rise.


Nourish your mind, body, spirit & Heart with the synergy of restorative yoga + reiki healing.

What to expect...
+Sharing your story
+Holding space
+Being received

Reiki is an ancient Japanese modality of energy healing. It is a non-invasive stress reduction & relaxation technique used to align, attune + balance the receiver's energy system.

Reiki is known to...
+Release physical and emotional blockages
+Bring healing and relief to areas of discomfort, illness or pain
+Clarify a clouded mind
+Increase bodily and emotional awareness
+Activate the parasympathetic nervous system
+Alleviate and reduce symptoms of anxiety
+Strengthen your immunity
+Optimize your body's vibrational frequency
+Aid in spiritual growth & development
+Release and work through the energetic imprints of any past traumas, programs or wounds

Yoga + Reiki can be used in conjunction with one another to cultivate the most transformative experience. Working with asana (postures) through yoga allows for the energy system to be opened and moved into a state of trust & surrender. The application of reiki here becomes extra potent due to the receiver's state of surrender. The reiki energy will be able to move more efficiently and will go to the area of the body, mind, heart & soul where it is needed most.

Investment: $65.00 +HST
Duration: 2.5 hours.

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The full moon is a time when energy peaks, then releases, similar to that of a huge, cosmic sigh. During a full moon, universal energy is very powerful and intense. This surge enables you to take action – especially in regards to the new moon intentions you may have made two weeks prior. The full moon gives you the gift of and is a perfect time for releasing something that no longer serves you; or letting go of something that you no longer need in your life; or an opportunity to let go of an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown. Committing yourself to a full moon ritual is a powerful way to invoke this. Releasing. Letting go. Unburdening yourself. And celebrating the emergence, of a more expanded version of yourself.
*Included in this workshop is a workbook personally curated by Anja

Investment: $45.00 +HST
Duration: 2 hours.

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Are you feeling a little unsure of yourself? Unsure of your path? Unsure of your purpose? Unsure of what your next step is? Unsure of where you want to be? Unsure of how you want to get there? Unsure of what you want to do? Unsure of how you can live a life that is in vibrational alignment with your truest, Higher Self? If you adore the concept of reclaiming your power as the CREATIVE DIRECTOR of your life; and the notion that what your life can be has limitless possibilities, this YOGA AND INTENTION-SETTING workshop is FOR YOU.
*Included in this workshop is a workbook personally curated by Anja

Investment: $45.00 +HST
Duration: 2 hours.

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How do you show yourself Love? What makes you feel good? What makes you feel sexy? When is the last time you told yourself that you are beautiful just the way you are? That you are enough? That you are worthy? That your existence matters? That you are Whole, with, or without someone else to validate your purpose? That you deserve to voice your truth • and have it be heard, felt and seen?

If you feel called to return Home, and back into yourself - this is the workshop for you.

What to expect...
+Owning & meeting your insecurity, shame & guilt with love, compassion and understanding
+(Re)claiming and exploring your sexuality in a safe space
+Expanding your knowledge about self-pleasure
+Expanding your knowledge about the wisdom that lies within your Womb
+Remembrance of who you are

*Included in this workshop is a workbook personally curated by Anja

Investment: $45.00 +HST
Duration: 2 hours.

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Kirtan is the practice of collective devotional chanting that has been described as medicine for the soul. These ancient chants are sung in Sanskrit which is a language that is vibrational in nature; reaching the subconscious mind and encouraging healing on a deep, cellular level.

The evening will be infused with the magic of cacao.Anja & Ivana Kaylani will prepare a warm cacao elixir to be sipped throughout the evening by attendees. Cacao is known as the Goddess of Love. Drinking this magical plant medicine in ceremony, allows for the Heart chakra to open itself more to expressing, receiving and healing.

Investment: $20.00 +HST
Duration: 2 hours.

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Have you always wanted to get upside down, but felt too afraid, or like you weren't strong enough, to try? Did you let the voice of your ego limit you in exploring the art of inversions? If so - THIS FUNDAMENTALS TO INVERSIONS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU! We invite to come learn how to face your fear of getting & being upside down and why it's so worth doing.

Investment: $45.00 +HST
Duration: 2 hours

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Synchronicity is an introduction to acro-yoga workshop. You can expect a modernized variation on traditional yoga, where you learn how to share space with others, synchronize your movement with someone else and how to lift them up! 

Acro Yoga is a mixture of acrobatics and traditional yoga poses incorporated together, to make a fluid dance between two (or more) individuals. Expect to cultivate body awareness, strengthen communication and teamwork skills, increase the depth of the expression of traditional yoga poses, gain strength and power, and embrace your inner child.

Investment: $60.00 +HST
Duration: 2 hours.

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